Interior Details – Wrought Iron Designs

Interior metal details and custom wrought iron designs bring your vision to life and make your house a home.

Anything from wrought iron designs to custom steel wall tiles to wrought iron corbels to everything in between, we create per your specifications. So go ahead – dream big when it comes to metal interior details!

Bold and prominent metal in interior design can translate seamlessly into a home setting.  Fans of the luster and shine of steel, aluminum, and copper can integrate the modern or rustic style of these metals into living rooms, kitchens, as well as other indoor and outdoor spaces. Metallic interior design ideas include striking details such as fireplaces and water fountains to larger applications like walls and ceilings.

Acutech’s metal artists are skilled with diverse expertise when it comes to creating exquisite interior details.

Stainless Steel Mosaic Wall Tiles

Stainless steel tiles aren’t unusual in bathrooms or as back splashes in kitchens, but it’s their use here to cover an entire living room wall that puts them in a whole new light. Shimmering and textural, this tile application creates an eye-catching accent wall.


Seemingly seamless, this so strongly resembles a solid block of metal that it causes people to wonder whether you hauled it up to your apartment with a crane. Custom-made of high-grade stainless steel, these lustrous kitchen islands are unique and awe inspiring.

Steel Stairs

Since stairs are often located in the heart of a home, they provide another opportunity to stun with steel. Creative sets of metal stairs in unusual designs certainly stand out.

Aluminum Walls

The interior spaces using molded aluminum rings, left unfinished so that the wall and ceiling surfaces of the home are entirely metallic can be an approach for a modern look that is clean and sophisticated. The architects can cut energy costs by 80% by putting the reflective qualities of aluminum to good use, installing small LED lights directly into the ceilings and walls.

Steel Fireplace

A column of steel stretching from floor to ceiling can make the living room fireplace an even bigger draw.

Copper Water Wall

Water fountains are perhaps one of the easiest ways to bring metallics into your home in a big, bold way – in many cases, you simply hang the fountain on wall brackets and plug it in. Other installations can be more complex, like built-in water walls. The reflective qualities of the metal give the falling water even more sparkle.