Blacksmith & Ironworks – Welded Art

Custom ornamental iron and welded art tailored for you by our skilled blacksmiths.

The origin of blacksmithing, the forming of hot metal between hammer and anvil, goes back thousands of years. Without the knowledge to forge hot metal we would still be in the Stone Age. Although we seldom think of it, blacksmiths of the  yesteryear produced fine art. Elaborate rails, gates and other metal art work decorate most of Europe’s old cathedrals, castles, and many residences.

Recently blacksmithing has resurfaced in a major way – custom welded art pieces and home décor.

Acutech offers a wide selection of services to fit any of your iron needs, including:

  • hand forged fireplace tools
  • wrought iron fireplace screens
  • rustic wrought iron lighting fixtures
  • iron cutlery
  • hand forged wood holders
  • iron sign designs
  • iron wine holders
  • metal art
  • railings
  • gates
  • racks and hangers
  • wrought iron furniture
  • wrought iron fencing
  • wrought iron gates
  • wrought iron balusters
  • wrought iron flower stands
  • wrought iron railings
  • hand forged door handles
  • knife blanks
  • tables & seating
  • and more…


When searching for professional blacksmiths  who create one of a kind custom metal and steel artwork, Acutech is the premier choice.

More about the history of blacksmithing...

With machines being more accurate and efficient the art of blacksmithing almost got lost. Fortunately things have changed. More and more people are willing and able to pay for the luxury of hand crafted metal art. This has led to a rejuvenation of Blacksmithing as well as other fine metal arts.

It is the old joining techniques, riveting, banding and forge welding, together with the hammer marks on the surfaces that make real forged iron unique. This limitation makes blacksmithing an art. All it takes is metal, fire, water and wind. And of course it takes the inspiration of the artist blacksmith.

Nice ironwork can be created using modern tools too. Joining steel parts with modern welding technology is called fabricating. Fabricating opens up a variety of forms and shapes hardly achievable with traditional methods. Fabricated art and sculpture usually have a more contemporary look.