Interior Flooring

Metal flooring and walls by Acutech turns average into extraordinary

Metal wall and floor tiles are practical and attractive modern decorating ideas for kitchen and bathrooms.  Since walls and floors are large surfaces, and their design style, color, and texture are very important for creating a stylish look of your living spaces.  Stainless steel tiles are quickly becoming one of the most popular options to add a unique flair to a room.

Acutech makes metal wall tiles that can be custom made of stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium, tin, or raw steel that is not protected from corrosion.  Additionally a variety of treatments can be added to the metal – making it your unique creation! The modern curve of steel tiles add a unique design to contemporary interior decorating ideas.  Black metal wall tiles are great not only in the kitchen and bathroom walls, but they look exciting in every room.


When practicality meets cutting edge interior design, Acutech gives flooring and walls a new level of intrigue with metal and steel aesthetics.

Metal wall tiles are strong enough for modern or rustic settings for floor decorating.  Functional stainless steel tiles with an attractive modern curve pattern can be installed anywhere.  Stainless steel is very durable and practical, and that makes the selection of wall and floor tiles for home interior redesign and decorating easier. For a classy, even traditional look, stainless steel tiles with embellishments for a backsplash bring a sophisticated and old meets new character to your space.

Whatever your metal wall and flooring aesthetic, Acutech’s artists will consult with you to find the perfect complement to your décor style.